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Ski Rental

Vip Class:
For athletic and ambitious skiers. Exceptionally versatile and easy to control, they ensure you have the perfect driveline, and smooth skiing is guaranteed even at high speed.

High Class:
For experienced skiers who are active and versatile all-around skiers. They ensure high-rev and smooth skiing, and are easy to ski in, both on and off ski runs.

Top class:
Special skis with a soft structure which are very suitable for beginners. Because of the way they are constructed they are error-tolerant. These skis are for people just starting out on a slow ski run.


Ski Poles:
When you rent your skis from us, the poles are included at no extra cost.


Short Carve Skis:
As with other types of short skis, short carve skis are for casual use only and should not be a long-term replacement for traditional sporting equipment. Short carve skis are a fun alternative for every now and then and guarantee the best possible care for the skier.

Snowboard Rental

Extremely cool winter fun - with top class freestyle and free ride boards for use in all areas.

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